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KOCH Fitness and Performance

Strength & Conditioning / Sports Performance / Injury Prevention 

Corrective Exercise / Strength Training Weight Loss

KOCH Fitness and Performance Training was established in 2018. Carl has been training since 2012.

Carl is a sports performance and fitness coach based in San Diego CA. He holds a BS in Exercise Science and is certified through NASM as a corrective exercise and performance enhancement specialist.

Carl has been helping his clients reach their personal fitness goals for over 8 years. They include professional golf and ice skating athletes. High school athletes pursuing Division 1 colleges. Young athletes wanting to develop fundamental mechanics, stability, range of motion, strength and power. As well as fitness clients wanting to gain muscle mass, strength and lose body fat. To clients continuing rehabilitation after physical therapy.

No matter what his client's goals are, Carl's approach to training is to make sure all aspects of training are always incorporated in his programs: nutrition, motor control, stability, flexibility, mobility and strength with personalized innovative sessions in order to safely achieve his client's goals.

KOCH Fitness and Performance Personal Sports Performance & Fitness Coach.

BS in Exercise Science, Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist & Performance Enhancement Specialist.

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