• NLS In House All Star MVPs

    Posted March 3, 2020

    Johnny O'Rourke - DIV 1

    Enzo Molina - 3rd Grade

    Charlie O'Rourke - 4th Grade

    Davis Lee - 5th Grade

    Ethan Fune - 6th Grade

    Christian Hoffman - DIV 4

  • Congrats Impact Player Award Winners

    Posted February 15, 2020

    Jacob Webb

    Chace Parker

    Blake Jordan

    Brady Savage

    Seungsoo Choi

    Ryder McCoy

    William Lui

    Franco Melchor

  • Winter League 2020 Champions

    Posted February 15, 2020

    Congrats to our Winter League Champions! 

    DIV 2 Silver: RAPTORS (Coach Ted Tollerfson)

    DIV 2 Gold: SPARTANS (Coach Eddie Webb)

    DIV 3: CELTICS (Coach Gary Savage)

    DIV 4: CARROTS  (Coach Ethan Kim)

Winter League 2020

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Winter 2020 Champions
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